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Sublimation Photo Slate

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Sublimation Photo Slate.


These are made of rock with a high gloss white printable face to them, so they are reasonably heavy and sturdy. We offer seven different sizes. Photo Slates with hanging rope are also available from us.

Small Rectangular approx 3.5 inches by 5.5 inches
Medium Rectangular approx 6 inches by 8 inches (available also in a MATT finish)
Long Rectangular approx 11.5 by 5.5 inches
Large Rectangular approx (just under) A4 size
Small Square approx 5.5 inches
Medium Square approx 8 inches
Small Heart approx 5.5 inches by 5.5 inches
They are all supplied with a sturdy plastic stand (2 pieces).

Printed just like any other flat bed item these provide a unique way of displaying photos.

Due to the natural surface of this product the printable face is flat, but to ensure a good firm contact between your flat bed press and the surface of the slate you may benefit from a sheet of silicon rubber which evens out any slight undulations in the surface.

Key Features

  • For best results use a silicon pad to ensure even pressure distribution.

195 Degrees C


520-540 Seconds


By: Julie 18-08-2016

Tip - after making lots of these I have found the absolute best results comes from pressing them upside down - ie printed surface on the bottom and the heat comes through the slate - add a little time to allow for the heat to travel - absolutely amazing results and no paper stick or burn outs at all - love this product!

By: Gordon 23-03-2016

I bought this just over a week ago and just had chance to try it now, and it is absolutely excellent, one of the best photo I have tried

By: Julie 20-05-2015

This product is excellent in putting your photos on. Saves on photo frames. Images are excellent

By: Derek 30-12-2014

Have you tried to stand these up using the supplied feet? I have got around it by inserting a 1.5 inch piece of ally right angle, size 15 x 10 mm into the side of the foot and joining the two together at 1.5 inches apart.a drip of superglue holds it firm. I press at 197 for 400 for best results.