11oz Sublimation Mugs

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11oz Sublimation Mugs, Bright White, Straight Sided, Dishwasher Safe Sublimation Mug. 80mm diameter, 95mm high.

  • 170 Degrees C
  • Medium
  • 140 Seconds

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The 11oz Sublimation Mugs are slightly larger than our European Mugs. The main difference being these measure 95mm tall by 80mm in diameter. This is compared to 93mm tall x 80mm diameter for the European Mugs. The mug handle is also slightly larger on the 11oz mugs. Hence they do not fit in the polystyrene postal boxes so well due to the slightly larger handle. NOT MADE IN CHINA!

These mugs are coated in arguably the hardest coating possible from the USA to give unrivalled vibrancy and dishwasher protection.

If you are currently purchasing from one of the main sublimation resellers then we guarantee this 11oz mugs is of equal or better quality. Every one of these mugs are individually wrapped in bubble wrapping inside the box. This means you get 36 usable mugs in every box of 36 ordered – no breakages

These 11oz Sublimation Mugs are fully dishwasher safe. We have tested them for months in dishwashers using the Finish PowerBall dishwasher tablet with NO deterioration in image quality. You can give your customers a complete dishwasher proof guarantee with our mugs.

BMS Ltd are the only company in the UK to have sublimation mugs coated in the genuine RN coating ensuring they are totally dishwasher safe.

We are the first company in the UK to offer a 12 month dishwasher guarantee on all our USA coating ceramic products. You can rest assured that once you have printed on these products with genuine Sawgrass sublimation inks your image will last. And you can pass on this guarantee to your customer.

50 boxes of mugs (1800 mugs) equates to one full pallet.

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