Metal Sublimation Bookmarks


Metal Sublimation Bookmarks with white printable surface

  • 190 Degrees C
  • Medium
  • 60-70 Seconds
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Metal Sublimation Bookmarks with white printable surface from UniSub and BMS.

These white aluminium bookmarks have a printable surface and on two of the variations, a notch cutout for keeping the page located in your book. Please also note that the bookmarks maybe covered in a clear plastic film to keep them safe from abrasion. Remove this before pressing. From time to time, there maybe slight scratches noted, due to the cutting process.

The bookmark sizes and styles are:-

Short Rectangle with cut out 50mm x 75mm, 0.5mm thick

UniSub Long Rectangle with cut out 125mm x 32mm, 0.5mm thick

BMS Long Rectangle (no cut out) 130mm x 35mm, 0.5mm

BMS Large Rectangle (No cut out) 150mm x 50mm, 0.5mm

BMS SuperSize with hole in top corner (200mm x 55mm) SPECIAL Pack of 100


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Small Square Bookmark, Unisub Bookmark, BMS Rectangular Bookmark, BMS Large Rectangular Bookmark, SuperSize 100 Pack with hole


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