DF38 Clam Press

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DF38 Flat Bed Clam Press with 38cm x 38cm square heat platen

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DF38 Clam Press 38cm x 38cm Heat Press

Our entry level 38cm x 38cm flat bed heat press with digital controls for temperature and time control.

The DF38 is extremely simple to operate and very user friendly. Basically all you need to do is (1) set the temperature on the left hand side of the digital control panel. Then (2) set the timer – in seconds – on the right hand of the panel. When the press is engaged the timer starts automatically. Also an electromagnet secures the platen closed for the duration of the press time. Once time is up the magnet disengages and the press can be opened.

The DF38 Clam Press has an adjustable pressure gauge. This allows you to press both thin and thicker items. BMS flat bed heat presses are strong and durable. The DF38 allows you the ability to print a wide gamut of flat sublimation transfer items without the need of a much larger press as the DF38 platen is handily larger than A4 in size.

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