Transfer Removal Spray

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Flex/ Flock Removal Spray. Made a mistake? This aerosol spray removes flex and flock…

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Transfer Removal Spray. Made a mistake? This spray removes flex and flock and gives you a second chance…

If you have pressed garment film and realise afterwards that it is in the wrong place or on the wrong garment then all is not lost. This spray will help you to remove the flex or flock once it has been pressed.

For best results allow the garment to cool completely and spray the whole area with this product. Leave for a few seconds and the flex or flock will bubble allowing it to be removed. Some glue residue may remain after removal but some customers report that this can be removed if you have the garment complely cold before spraying (yes the fridge is a good place!).

Shake aerosol can before use, then:-
– Spray directly onto the emblem from both directions
– Wait at least 1 minute but no longer than 2 minutes
– Remove the badge from the item of clothing

400ml Capacity Can

This item cannot be sent outside of the UK due to the rules concerning pressurised containers.

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