Sublimation 3D Clearance Range

iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6 cases for use in 3D Vacuum Heat Presses

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Sublimation 3D Clearance Range

Variety of covers for printing in a vacuum oven which are are printable all over. These are made of a white plastic polymer material and can be sublimated on all sides.

These are a range which we are discontinuing but several customers print these for personalised gifts. Grab yourself a bargain whilst stocks last, even if it is just for experimenting with.

To print you will also need a metal puck which goes inside the iPhone case to stop it deforming as it gets hot during the printing process. The printing process is straightforward as you print your image to the paper or 3D film as normal using standard sublimation inks and either lay the 3D film on top of the iPhone cover or if using paper then hold the paper in place with heat tape around the curved edges.

The 3D printable film will soften as it is heat and as air is removed from the heat machine then the 3D film will form into the shape of the printable product to transfer the image. 3D film is available separately.

If using standard sublimation paper then this will need to be more carefully wrapped around the printable item to prevent creasing occurring as the paper is forced around the item when the vacuum is formed.


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