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Loyalty Scheme

BMS Loyalty Scheme

Loyalty Points and Order History

You don't have to be a registered customer to order from us so ordering is very quick and straightforward. We know how frustrating it can be if you have to register simply to order a one off item. But if you are likely to be a regular customer then registering provides some additional benefits to you and pre-fills all your invoice and delivery details on the website.

If you do Register then when you Login next time you can access you account history, re-order popular products and, as a thank you from us, you gain Loyalty Points. You must remember to log in when you place your order for any loyalty points to be added to your account. No silly forms to fill out - everyone benefits from the moment you register online.

Loyalty Points are given at a rate of 0.5% of your online spend (before VAT) and accumulate only on your online orders. When you reach 100 points then these will be available for you to use to discount your future orders. Currently each point is worth 1p but at cetain times we may run promotions where you can get more value for your Loyalty Points. 100 points equates to £1 and this redemption figure is deducted before VAT is charged as well. During the check out process you will be able to redeem the Loyalty Points or let them accumulate for future orders. 

In addition you will be able to see your Order History to review what you have bought in the past and make re-ordering as simple as possible. Just tick the box and add those items to your current shopping basket.

Our website will even remember where in the world you are ordering from so the shipping costs automatically syncronise with your registered details. So if you are in the UK, Ireland or further away then the shipping costs shown in the mini shopping basket are always up to date. You can easily change this details by clicking on the drop down box when it is shown online.

We hope these features together with the new layout make your buying experience easier and more enjoyable with BMS Ltd. Please remember to ensure that your email settings allow email from our email account to keep you updated on special offers reserved just for regsitered customers.