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DF18 8 in 1 Combination Heat Press

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DF18 8 in 1 heat press which is made up of a flat bed swing away heat
press (measuring 30cm x 38cm), a mug press with 4 (yes 4) heat elements, a cap
press and a plate press (with 2 different sized heat elements).

The press will operate as 1 of the 8 presses at one time, so it will either be a flat bed
press, one of the mug presses, a cap press or one of the plate presses.

In detail you have:-
(1) A swing away flat bed heat press with a base platen of 30cm x 38cm which is
plenty larger enough for A4 prints and just under A3 prints. The spring loaded heat
platen makes operating this very easy and the heat platen will swing away either side
for a full 360 degree swing operation.
(2) A mug press with a standard 11oz heat blanket (7.5cm - 9cm diameter mugs) for
printing 11oz, european, el-grande, beer steins and all the other popular mugs.
(3) A mug press with a smaller, thicker heat blanket (5cm - 7.5cm diameter mugs) for
printing slightly thinner mugs and bottles, e.g. child mugs, bone china mugs, small
water bottles.
(4) A mug press with a small conical heat element for printing the smaller 12oz Latte
(5) A mug press with a larger conical heat element for printing the larger 17oz Latte
(6) A small 11cm circular heat element for printing into the centre of the smaller side
(7) A larger 15cm circular heat element for printing into the centre of the larger dinner
(8) A cap press attachment (14cm x 8.5cm) for printing onto baseball caps.

We have been printing various items with this press recently and the press does what
it is designed to do with excellent results and the design of the press makes changing
it to different operations very easy.

This combination machine for a business starting up or as a second machine in a
busy production line it makes a very attractive proposition. Customers who regularly
travel to shows or need to work off a generator would benefit from this machine.
Overall it weighs just over 33kg with all the attachments in a compact box. It
consumes 1.25kw of power with the flat bed press in operation so it will work off a
generator without problem and will not consume vast amounts of energy if you are
using it off a domestic plug.

The heat blankets for the mugs are guaranteed for 3 months and they are fitted loose
in the metal clasps provided. This makes changing them over easy and also makes
them cheap to replace when they need it. The whole machine is also CE approved
and comes with a 2 year manufacturer warranty on the main structure of the machine
(subject to it not being abused!).

The heating control is digital and has 3 settings. One is for the standby temperature,
the next for the operating temperature and the third is the time. The standby and
operating temperature can be set the same which is useful for the flat bed press, but
the standby temperature is useful for mugs as it would prolong the life of the heat
blanket. When the machine reaches the standby temperature it beeps every second
or so to let you know it is ready to go and when you press the start button it heats up
to the operating temperature. Once the operating temperature has been reached the
timer starts automatically and when it reaches zero you get a continuous tone
reminding you that time has been reached. Pressing the start button again cancels
the tone and it will then return to the standby temperature. The temperature is
displayed in Celsius.

Key Features

  • Note - If you're using a Ricoh printer and experience browning on your mugs after
  • pressing at the recommended temp and time, drop your temperature to 170 degrees
  • and your time to 140 seconds.

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