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Printable Flex

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Printable Flex material has the same properties as Flex, but has the added benefit that you can print directly onto it with an inkjet printer.

We would recommend you use an Epson printer that used the lightfast inks (referred to as Durabrite inks) as these inks will withstand normal UV light extremely well and prevent the images from fading in normal sunlight. Current Epson models are the S22, SX215 etc. Please check your printer to ensure it uses durabrite inks as otherwise the image will be slightly fuzzy when printed.

Printable flex comes in A4 sheets. It comes complete with it own backing sheet so you can cut the top layer and peal off for application to garments.

With the Craft ROBO you print your image to the printer, create a cut line around the image within the ROBO Master Software, cut the image from the Printable Flex and press the image onto your garment. An excellent and affordable way of producing full colour artwork onto dark garments.

Sold as single sample sheets or in pack sizes of 25 sheets.

Pressing details: 160 degrees Celsius for 15- 20 seconds, Medium Pressure.


By: Manuel 30-10-2014

Great product