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Canon iP4950 (A4) Edible Ink Starter Kit

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NEW Canon iP4950 Edible Ink Starter Kit. Now available with edible ink cartridges with chips fitted.

This starter kit is a bargain price and includes:

Canon iP4950 Printer - a faster printer compared to the iP3600
1x full set of edible inks (5 cartridges - PGI525 and CLI526 range) already fitted wth chips so you simply put our edible ink cartridges in the printer and start printing.
1x pack of edible wafer paper. 25 sheets of A4 sized paper.
1x pack of decor paper plus. 25 sheets of A4 sized paper.

You don't need any special software or specially adapted cartridge holder for use in our printers. Whatever image you can display on your computer you can print to edible paper with edible inks. There is absolutely no difference in the printing process when using our system to normal printing. The only difference is the ink cartridges we supply contain edible inks and the paper is also edible. You can print from any software you have installed on your computer.

We are now able to offer the Graphtec Silhouette Cameo Edible Cutter which enables you to cut around shapes after printing onto either the Wafer or Decor Paper Plus edible papers. You can now print and then cut out different shapes, e.g. flowers, car, musical shapes and many many more.

Key Features

  • NEW LOWER PRICE. Your VAT invoice (which will accompany the starter kit) will show part of the starter kit at 0% VAT and part of it at 20% VAT representing the vatable and non vatable elements of the starter kit. The total cost will be as shown on here although the VAT elements may differ,